Speaking Workshops

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Workshops - Starting at $10,000

Stack Brands Co-Founders are available for speaking engagements and workshops involving personal brand strategy, from collegiate to pro athletes to corporate executives and businesses.

Presenting Your Brand in a Digital Space

How do you maximize visibility in a digital space? Stack Brands Co-Founders can specify a talk to your company’s core needs.

Personal Brand Development

Collegiate Athletes (Working within the NIL Framework)

Collegiate athletes are in a new world with the new NIL framework that has been implemented. Stack Brands Co-Founders will walk athletes through the following:


Financial Literacy





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Keynotes - Starting at $10,000

Herman provides keynote speeches around the following topics:

  • Motivation
  • Team building
  • His career as an NFL wide receiver
  • Entrepreneurship

He is also open to targeted messaging, corporate messages, and specific topics.

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Keynotes - Starting at $5,000

Finding Your Authentic Voice in the Workplace

We don’t stop being who we are just because we enter a 9-5 environment, which means engagement with colleagues, clients, and customers can be triggering and negatively impact your professional relationships. Find the balance between who you are individually and who you are professionally, while working toward being the healthiest version of you.

Sobriety as a Way of Life

So many Americans live day-to-day with an unhealthy relationship to alcohol. Maybe they recognize it, maybe they don’t. In this talk, Chrissie outlines how the pressure to drink is all around us all the time and how it can impact both our personal and professional lives.

Workshops - Starting at $2,500

Half-Day (3 hours)

Workshops are ideal for an executive, sales, or recruiting teams. You and your team will walk away with clear action steps for optimizing each person’s LinkedIn profile and company page, and for engaging on LinkedIn to generate visibility and leads.

The process begins with a 30-minute discovery call to uncover your organization’s specific needs, which will shape the presentation. One week prior to the workshop, you’ll receive comprehensive pre-work for all participants, which should be completed and brought to the event.

To request Chrissie or Herman for your next event, please fill out the form below:

Kate Ahl

Simple Pin Media

"Stack Brands not only saved me time, but they're incredibly proficient and knowledgeable in LinkedIn. I knew that LinkedIn was a place for us to find new clients and potential speaking engagements, but we had no idea how the platform worked and no time to figure it out.

I’ve worked with a lot of people on services based interactions and what I love about this is I’m brought into the process where it’s most important to our brand and left out when it’s not something I need to spend my time on. If your people are on LinkedIn and you don’t have time, this buys back time in your business to help warm up the leads instead of spending time going after them."

Jeanette Stein

High School Math Teachers

"I needed help with a sales page for my business and turned to Stack Brands for help. I truly felt a sense of relief when I recognized that she could take what I built and make it better. They were able to take all of the “stuff” I created over the years and made the puzzle pieces work together.

Their talents are finding the “holes in the funnel” and the “missing links” to put together a stronger and more predictable business. Whether those holes are sales page copy, email composition, SEO for your blog posts, social media headlines, (I’m sure there is more!) or putting it all together. I am so excited to find someone that is finding my weak spots and is also willing to discuss them with me and fix them with me. Yes “with me” is double on purpose. It made me excited about my website again."

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