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Many companies are so focused on execution that they don’t take the time to share their wins.

In other words, marketing and public relations fall by the wayside.

Your potential clients or customers are not seeing your company...

...providing excellent customer service

...focusing on employee health and wellness

...engaging in community service

That is where Stack Brands comes in: to help your company strike while the iron is hot.

Co-Founded by LinkedIn Expert Chrissie Zavicar and Entrepreneur Herman Moore, Stack Brands provides a full suite of digital marketing and media relations services to make sure the incredible things you’re doing offline are tastefully presented online.

Read about our start on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Your LinkedIn profile is your personal sales page, which is why LinkedIn Profile Optimization is a critical first step to generating leads, partnerships, hires, or...

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LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint

The LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint will provide a detailed roadmap for the content optimization process, including: customized search criteria, personalized connection request language, suggested post styles, article/blog sharing strategy...

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Ongoing LinkedIn Marketing Support

Our ongoing LinkedIn marketing support is the North Star for engaging on the platform. We will help you generate engaging content and then provide ongoing communication for liking, commenting, speaking with prospects...

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Carol Cox

Speaking Your Brand

"I wanted a stronger LinkedIn profile that reflected our new target market and offering. I watched Stack Brands' LinkedIn posts and what a great job she does with fun and engaging content. The profile that they wrote was fantastic.

They took the time to understand our value proposition and what makes us unique, and I’ve received more LinkedIn connection requests and interest in our programs. I rave about her all the time to people I talk to who need LinkedIn services!"

Kate Ahl

Simple Pin Media

"Stack Brands not only saved me time, but they're incredibly proficient and knowledgeable in LinkedIn. I knew that LinkedIn was a place for us to find new clients and potential speaking engagements, but we had no idea how the platform worked and no time to figure it out.

I’ve worked with a lot of people on services based interactions and what I love about this is I’m brought into the process where it’s most important to our brand and left out when it’s not something I need to spend my time on. If your people are on LinkedIn and you don’t have time, this buys back time in your business to help warm up the leads instead of spending time going after them."

Jeanette Stein

High School Math Teachers

"I needed help with a sales page for my business and turned to Stack Brands for help. I truly felt a sense of relief when I recognized that she could take what I built and make it better. They were able to take all of the “stuff” I created over the years and made the puzzle pieces work together.

Their talents are finding the “holes in the funnel” and the “missing links” to put together a stronger and more predictable business. Whether those holes are sales page copy, email composition, SEO for your blog posts, social media headlines, (I’m sure there is more!) or putting it all together. I am so excited to find someone that is finding my weak spots and is also willing to discuss them with me and fix them with me. Yes “with me” is double on purpose. It made me excited about my website again."

Michael Bonner

Iron Tree Service

"We hired Stack Brands to help us find connections that could be potential customers or strategic partners. Their work has allowed me to reach a much larger crowd than I would have been able to myself. They have done a great job converting connections to leads, which has led to growth in our B2B sales and repeat business."

Maggie Patterson

Scoop Studios

"Stack Brands' guidance and knowledge helped me revamp my LinkedIn profile to help get more attention and generate more leads. Since updating my profile, I’ve had multiple people from my network reach out to me to talk about working together.

If you want to use LinkedIn to generate legit leads and grow your business, listen to Stack Brands. They cut through the fluff from other LinkedIn experts and is my go-to for all things LinkedIn."

Allison Zmuda

"I hired Stack Brands to create and sustain a professional presence for me on social media. But over the past several years, they have become a true partner in my work.

From website design to strategic planning to writing content to setting up payment platforms — They have become a seamless part of my business."

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